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About Our School

North Elementary is part of the Jefferson School District and is located in Berlin Township, Michigan. Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, Jefferson Public Schools underwent a major building realignment. The purpose of the realignment was to bring a cost savings to the district and to streamline communication and curriculum efforts. The decision to reconfigure the buildings was made in the Spring of 2015. Currently, Jefferson Public Schools is made up of Sodt Elementary (Preschool through First grade), North Elementary (Second through Fourth grade), Jefferson Middle School (Fifth through Eighth grades, and Jefferson High School (grades 9-12). 
North Elementary currently has 337 students enrolled, in grades second through fourth. This includes one locally based Monroe County Intermediate Special Education Cross Categorical classroom. While this is an ISD classroom, the classroom may take in students from neighboring districts. Currently, all 10 students are Jefferson School District students. Of the 337 North Elementary students, 57.2% of the families are economically disadvantaged, which is greater than the 46.42% of economically disadvantaged families identified throughout the whole district. At North Elementary, 66% of Second graders, 56% of Third graders, and 52% of Fourth graders are economically disadvantaged. 15 students have been identified as McKinney-Vento homeless students. 22.4% of the students are identified as having disabilities, including speech and language, which is also greater than the Jefferson School District as a whole which identifies 17% of the students as having a disability, including students with speech and language. We have 25 students who are school of choice. Of these, 20 are from other Monroe County schools, 4 are students of employees, and 1 is from out of county.